New Bhatri Language Broadcaster for The Tide Gives Testimony of Life Change

The Tide® recently began offering Gospel radio messages in the Bhatri language to a primitive people group in India, and the broadcaster of this new programming is sharing his testimony of life change. David was brought up in a Hindu family, and began listening to the Trans World Radio Christian programs on a radio his father had purchased. Slowly, David came understand there is a living God who can give him peace, and he was able to see the power of God that changed his life. Once he gave his life to Jesus, David attended Jharsuguda Bible College and earned a bachelor’s degree in theology. He began preaching the Gospel and planted several churches.“The Tide ministry is blessed to be working with David, as he records programming in the Bhatri language for the Bhottada people in India,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “David is honored and thrilled to be the speaker of the Bhatri language for this people group so they can hear the Good News Radio Hour in partnership with The Tide min…


Reading: Mark 11:22-26There are two marks of a Christian–giving and forgiving. No one can become intimate with Christ and remain selfish. If one draws close to the Lord, his selfishness will disappear. You can generally know how close on is to the Lord by how unselfishly he lives. I have never known of any truly great Christian that lived selfishly.And as for forgiveness, nothing that I know puts more sweetness deep down in the sould than forgiveness. An unforgiving spirit and bitterness go together. So the way to develop sweet Christian radiance is to be forgiving–not only when others may ask it, but before they ask–forgive. It was while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He has said, “If we forgive not, then we will not be forgiven.” If we forgive, God will forgive and then we can come boldly to a throne of grace. Ask for what you need and it shall be given to you.Prayer: Lord, I do forgive my friends, family, _____. I leave any and all injuries with You. Eliminate any selfish…

Who Are the Bhottada People of India?

The Bhottada people of India are a primitive group of farmers, and they have no radio programming in their own language—no way to hear about the hope, love and saving grace of Jesus Christ–until now. The Tide® is introducing Gospel programming in a new language—Bhatri—to reach this precious, and valued by God, people group in India.“The Bhottada tribes are agriculturists, so farming is their main source of livelihood, raising paddy rice in the wet lands of the region,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Thus far, the Bhottada have never heard about how Jesus Christ can truly change their lives. Now, we have the chance to reach this people group in their own language, and it is an honor to carry out God’s command of spreading the Good News in this way.”The Bhottada people are animistic, meaning they attribute lifelike qualities and feelings to objects and items in nature, such as rivers, rocks and wind. The Tide partners created a relationship with the Bhottada tribe because they live …

God Sees All

Reading: Psalms 139:1-12; 23-24Some years ago I was a guest at a large orphanage near the city of Philadelphia, PA. The children sang for me. I have never forgotten it, “You Cannot Hide from God.” And no one can! Dark places are made light under his searching eye. God sees and knows the thoughts and the intents of the heart. The spirit is quick and powerful to discern in detail our motives. God sees our innermost being. That is where he inspects our motives, our inner secret desires, our meditations, our affections. Like Elisha’s fountain at Jericho, if the source is bitter the stream will be bitter. To cure the river you must heal the spring. Christ on Calvary purified the fountain of life and causes it to bring forth sweet water.Prayer: Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole. Break down every idol, cast out every foe, now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. Amen. The post God Sees All appeared first on The Tide.

The Tide® Gives Listeners Strength to Declare Their Faith in Jesus in Buddhist Thailand

The mission of The Tide® is to creatively share the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide through media and partnerships. This is exactly what’s happening in Thailand, where The Tide shares the Gospel in the Isaan language, spoken by 19 million people.Although The Tide focuses primarily on radio, the avenues to share the love and hope of Christ are varied in Thailand and include portable media players, audio and video, and social media.“Even though Thailand isn’t one of the countries currently being watched for Christian persecution, we know from the feedback of our listeners that they are facing some difficulties because of their faith in Jesus or even their interest in Christianity.”For example, partners of The Tide in Thailand shared that a Bible-believing husband and wife were among only about five Christians in their entire county. They had been very vocal in sharing their faith until their extended family joined together to pressure them to recant of their faith at a family funera…

Leave Sin Behind

Reading: Isaiah 58:3-7 The men of Israel had many feasts and fasts which they observed. They thought that if they refrained from food either totally or partially, the Lord would be pleased with them. They found it easier to refrain from food than it was to stop sinning. In fact they had no real intention to break off their sins. The Lord was so displeased that he refused to dwell among them. He wanted them to cease to do evil and to learn to do well. Just saying they were going to do something wasn’t enough. He wanted change and action.This is the fast He calls for even now. To put away sin and wickedness. Not for a passing season, but for good! Prayer: Lord here and now, I confess and forsake every wicked thing I know. Deliver me from every sinful action and habit. In Christ’s name, Amen. The post Leave Sin Behind appeared first on The Tide.

Reaching New Believers in Thailand in Unconventional Ways

Less than 2 percent of the population in Thailand believes in Jesus, but The Tide® is hoping to grow this tiny yet significant group by reaching listeners in unconventional ways. Securing radio airtime in this predominantly Buddhist nation can be challenging, but we have been impacting souls with the hope of Christ through audio Gospel recordings in the Isaan language, spoken by 19 million people in Thailand.Though not yet airing over a radio station, the “Life Answers” program is distributed and utilized on portable media players called Envoy or Storyteller devices. As more programs are produced by locals, plans are in the works to broadcast via radio as early as this summer.“The Tide ministry’s reach through these media players is having a noticeable impact,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Our partners and workers on the ground in Thailand are also committed to makingprogramming available in multiple media outlets, such as posting audio and video Bible stories and testimonies on…