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Call To Prayer For The Persecuted Church

On any given day, even though they may not make the headlines, there are reports of people facing unfair treatment because they have made a decision to follow Jesus.The majority of people being persecuted for their faith live in regions of the world where their rights and freedom of expression are either limited or not adequately protected.
The mistreatment of followers of Christ not only subjects them to mental and physical anguish – and possibly even martyrdom – but also places them in the midst of a spiritual battlefield.The Tide encourages those who enjoy a greater degree of freedom to identify with and support our brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe who are being subjected to harsh, demeaning, and violent actions.
In the physical realm we can advocate for our fellow believers around the globe by petitioning the governing authorities to legislate and enforce freedom of religion, provide unbiased protection for all people, and to deal swiftly and justly with those who ta…