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Mid-Year Report

Mid-year Report An update on the status and progress of The Tide© ministry.

INDIA – The Good News Hour studio in India is being kept very busy recording and producing ongoing programming in nine different heart languages.  Seven of these languages are spoken by people groups who are found primarily within India.  The other two languages are Nepali, which is beamed into Nepal, and Dzongkha which is the primary language spoken in Bhutan.  The Dzongkha program just began airing at the beginning of June and already the enemy has attempted to disrupt this new outreach.  TWR has informed us that due to some technical malfunctions on their end two of The Tide Dzongkha language programs did not get aired in June.  Please pray with us that this does not happen again and that listeners will be able to develop regular routines and know that they can depend on hearing God’s Word regularly.
Our partners in India are faithfully increasing discipleship activities, and the number of pe…

The Tide 34th Annual Golf Benefit is a Success

The Tide 34th Annual Golf Benefit was a huge success! Many golfers and volunteers gave of their time to help raise money for The Tide’s ministry in countries all over the world.  We raised approximately $16,000.00 for the ministry of The Tide. It is through the gifts of sponsors and the support of the golfers that helped raise the money needed for various projects. The money that was raised will be going to different projects such as Vision 2015, radio distribution, Seekers Conferences, Bible and literature distribution, and heart language radio broadcasts. Through the support of the sponsors, lives will be touched all over the world!
We want to thank all of those who have sponsored the golf benefit! Every sponsorship was an important part in making this day a success! To show our thanks to the sponsors, we ask you to please patronize their business whenever possible. Here’s a list of all the sponsors of the 34th Annual Golf Benefit.

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Letters From the Mailbag

For over 65 years, The Tide has been broadcasting heart language radio programs that are touching lives around the world. We regularly receive letters from listeners who give testimonies on how their lives have been impacted and changed by the gospel message. Here are some testimonies from listeners around the world that we pass on to you.
If it was not for Efik language Radio program, I would not be a Christian now. I started listening to the program when I was seeking answers and found them in your ministry and preaching of the various messages.  Your programs make the word come alive as it should. A year ago, I surrendered to Christ. Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His Gospel. -Gloria Udofia
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More Than Radio Programs: A Closer Look at The Tide Visioin 2015

The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 10:17 that “faith comes through hearing the message and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”  Since its inception in 1946 the goal of The Tide radio ministry has been to proclaim the Gospel message loud and clear through evangelistic radio programs so that people can hear about Christ and respond to Him in faith.  For the past several months The Tide has been promoting, and taking steps to achieve, The Tide Vision 2015.  One thing that has perhaps not been communicated clearly is that this vision to expand the potential for people to become believers in Christ encompasses much more than the goal to add radio programming in 15 new heart languages by 2015. 

Effectively making disciples out of listeners requires additional ministry elements that also need to expand alongside the new radio programs.  A variety of discipleship activities have proven very effective in transitioning unbelievers from curious listeners to committed Ch…