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The Tide Participates in NRB 2012

Each year the National Religious Broadcasters Association holds an annual convention.As a member of this association The Tide endeavors to participate in the convention every year.This year the NRB convention was held in NashvilleTennessee and once again provided numerous opportunities to network with other media ministries and to learn of new technologies available.It was encouraging to learn of advances that have been made in broadcast technology and media players that directly translate into greater ability to effectively share the Gospel through media, and to do so across multiple platforms.
Last year The Tide Board of Directors, seeking to build on the momentum of over six decades of radio ministry, set an aggressive goal to introduce evangelistic radio programs in 15 additional languages by the year 2015.This new campaign, which has been named The Tide Vision 2015, will require the addition of approximately four new heart language programs each year over the next four years. With almost a quarter of the world’s population living within the current range of The Tide radio ministry, and over 6,900 languages spoken in the world today, the opportunities are great.Much of 2011 was spent investigating and prioritizing various options, and laying out a strategy for The Tide ministry to reach even more people for Christ.As a result 10 potential languages have already been identified to reach people groups in Bhutan, Malawi, Mozambique, and Nigeria.As The Tide works towards implementing radio ministries in these 10 languages the process of selecting another five continues.Presen…

New Language in Bhutan

It is an exciting time as we continue to move forward towards accomplishing The Tide Vision 2015 by preparing to add an additional language by June 3, 2012 to the 15 current heart language radio programs.The new Annang radio program was successfully launched by The Tide in Nigeria in January 2012, and The Tide is on track to expand the heart language radio programs in south Asia by adding a radio program in the Dzongkha language in Bhutan.Read the full article at our website

Lives Changed Through the Annang Radio Program

In January of 2012, The Tide began airing a new radio broadcast in the Annang, the heart language of a people group in southwest Nigeria. Through The Tide Annang heart language radio broadcast approximately 8 million people have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and the gospel message. Through this radio program people are being changed by the saving grace of Jesus. One example of how God is using The Tide to touch lives in Nigeria can be seen in the story of Nkoyo.Read the full article at our website