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The Tide Distributes 125 New Bibles to People in Mozambique

In Mozambique the Bible is a very highly valued possession. Many people wish to have their own Bible when they become believers, but the reality is that the majority of Christians in Mozambique do not own Bibles. However, a recent distribution by The Tide provided 125 Bibles in three different languages - Chichewa, Portuguese, and Shona - to believers throughout Mozambique. Now, a large number of people may read the Word in their own language, and study God’s truth for themselves! God is working in the lives of those who have received these Bibles. The people are diving into the truth and eagerly reading each page to see what God has to say to them. One example of how excited and devoted people are to the Bible can be seen in the story of Stanford.
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An Amazing Coincidence

The Tide heart language radio broadcasts provide an open avenue for God to work in the lives of many people who may have no other way of ever hearing about God’s love for them.The majority of our listeners have their own radios, but there is a growing number of people who are now able to listen in because they have been given a radio through one of The Tide radio distribution projects, like Radios for Nigeria or Radios for India.There are still millions of people who cannot hear about Jesus because they do not own a radio, but God often brings circumstances together so that the right person is at the right place at the right time to hear him speak through a radio. One example of this is the story a father in Nigeria shared about the amazing transformation in his son’s life after his son just happened to hear the gospel through one of The Tide radio broadcasts in his own language. Read more at our website

Seekers Conferences and Baptisims in India bring many to Christ

An integral part of The Tide’s mission is to not only lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, but to also disciple them in their newfound faith and to equip them to share their faith with others.This is why The Tide, in addition to producing and airing evangelistic radio broadcasts, also holds Seekers Conferences to disciple the people who have just become a Christian or who want to learn more about what they are hearing through The Tide radio programs. In India The Tide partners with Good News Hour to not only produce radio programs, but to also organize and conduct Seekers Conferences throughout the year.Good News Hour is the registered counterpart of The Tide ministry in India, and as such submits regular reports to The Tide headquarters in the USA.What follows are excerpts from a recent report on a series of Seekers Conferences in one Indian state. After much time spent with the Lord in prayer, and with God’s help, the Good News Hour was able to conduct four Seekers C…

The Tide Begins a New Year With a New Language

Excitement builds as The Tide radio ministry is gearing up for the start of a new radio program in Nigeria. The new radio program in Ekpri Nsukara, Nigeria will be broadcasted in a new language, entitled Annang. Annang will be an addition to the current fourteen languages that The Tide already uses to reach people in other countries with the gospel.In Ekpri Nsukara, Udo Imo is preparing to begin his task of presenting the new radio broadcast. He has been an avid listener of the Gospel Tide’s English radio broadcast in Nigeria. Listening for all that time infused Udo with a passion to help contribute to the Tide’s mission in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with a world in need. Using his skills and talents in communication arts, Udo now is going to be the presenter of The Tide new radio program in Ekpri Nsukara.Read more at our website