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Wishing you a blessed Easter celebration!
In his letter to the Christian community in Rome Paul wrote; “God chose me to be an apostle, and he appointed me to preach the good news that he promised long ago by what His prophets said in the Holy Scriptures.This good news is about his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ!As a human, he was from the family of David.But the Holy Spirit proved that Jesus is the powerful Son of God, because he was raised from death.”(Romans 1:1b-4 CEV)
As we celebrate the proof that Jesus is the all-powerful Son of God we are reminded and assured that Christ has the power to grant forgiveness, hope, and eternal life to all who believe and call on his name.The Tide, along with many people, including you, can say with Paul that we have been chosen and appointed to share the good news.Paul goes on in verse 5 to say that we are called to do this so that people in every nation have the opportunity to place their faith in Jesus.The mission statement of The Tide ministry is a s…

Offering Hope for Nigeria

Nigeria is known as Africa’s most populous country, with close to 170 million people and 350 different ethnic groups. For decades, there has been serious violence and conflict between people groups and religions in Nigeria. Religion is one of many factors fueling strife in this nation. Conflict is known to erupt when ethnic, religious, and economic boundaries overlap. There are widespread ethnic and economic differences leading to much conflict, especially between Christians and Muslims. The country is split evenly between those two main religions with 49% claiming to be Christians and 48% claiming to be Muslims.
Inter-ethnic conflict in Nigeria has traditionally had a religious element. Riots against Igbo in the 1950s and were said to be fueled by religious conflict. In the 1980s, serious outbreaks between Christians and Muslims occurred in the south in a border area shared between the two religions. Recently, there has been an increase in attacks targeting Christians in northern Nige…

Engaging Younger Generations

For any ministry to continue on successfully there needs to be a constant stream of supporters in all existing generations. In the past few years, The Tide© has begun to intentionally reach out to the younger generation with avenues for them to get involved so that our long history of relevant ministry will continue on. As a way to encourage the younger generation’s participation, The Tide will be sponsoring a contest to distribute THREE full-event passes to Creation Festival at Agape Farm in Shirleysburg, PA June 26-29, 2013.
We will be hosting three competitions, with one winner selected from each category. Each winner will receive one full-event pass to Creation (pass includes entrance ticket only, transportation, food, and lodging are the responsibility of the participant), a free t-shirt, and the guarantee that the winning materials will be used for promotional purposes of The Tide.
For this competition to be a success, we need the help of ALL generations of supporters of The Ti…