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35th Annual Golf Day Success Praise God for the success of The Tide© 35th Annual Golf Benefit!  On June 20th, nine faithful volunteers showed up in the early morning hours to set up and prepare for the busy day. At 6:30am, the 115 golfers started to arrive for registration, coffee, and pastries.  The shot-gun start went off at 7:30am cuing all the anxious golfers of the start of a day full of fun, fellowship, sportsmanship, and prizes.  As a result, approximately $18,000 was raised toward the cost of The Tide international radio broadcasts and ministry expenses.  During the “summer slump” when regular giving generally decreases it can be quite difficult to continue to faithfully provide for the expenses of The Tide international heart language radio ministry.  The Tide Annual Golf Benefit is one avenue the Lord has used to provide an extra summer blessing during the last 35 years.
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The Tide Golf Benefit wo…

Seeker's Conferences Bring Joy

Wonderful things are occurring in India as a result of Seeker’s Conferences frequently held by The Tide© partner ministry.  During the month of May, The Tide partners led a series of Seeker’s Conferences throughout various parts of a state in central India as well as two medical camps, a new addition to our Indian outreach.
There were excellent turn-outs for all the events.  In spite of the excessive heat, over 250 people total attended the four Seeker’s Conferences, many walking 15-20 kilometers (approximately 9-13 miles) to attend a meeting.  After hearing instructive and convicting speaking by some local pastors and partners of The Tide ministry in India, 75 individuals came to know the Lord as their personal Savior, sharing their testimonies with one another and rejoicing with brothers and sisters in the Lord!  The new believers were excited to agree to find a local fellowship of believers to worship with and continue to receive discipleship training and accountabi…