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Prayer for Indigenous Pastors

This week we want to encourage you to pray for the indigenous pastors and leaders in India, Nepal, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. They are in need of education, resources, encouragement, and support as they take on the important task of reaching out to their own nationalities and share the important message of God’s love to their own people.

The Tide works hand in hand with indigenous church groups, church planters, and evangelists to plant and nurture new congregations. One issue we are facing today is a need to provide indigenous pastors and spiritual leaders with the education and resources needed to reach their communities with the Gospel of Christ.

Did you know?
• There are 196 countries in the world. 86 of those countries prohibit or restrict western missionaries.
• There are appx 285,000 indigenous missionaries serving in the world, making up 2/3 of the world’s missionary force.
• 99% of people in the US, Canada, and UK can read at write by the age of 15; com…

Successful Banquet Season

The end of September completed our 2011 Partner Appreciation Banquets season. Four successful banquets were enjoyed by a total of 289 attendees in four of our support regions near central Pennsylvania.

Each dinner hosted an evening of fun, food, and fellowship while guests learned more about how lives are being changed through the ongoing international radio ministry of The Tide. Director, Don Shenk, gave a report of the happenings around the world, unveiling an exciting new direction in the Vision 2015.

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New Ambassador Program

Do you have a passion for international media-based missions work, a commitment to your local church, and a desire to join a team of people to promote the ministry of The Tide in your community? Then we are looking for you! The Tide is seeking a representative from each local church congregation who would be willing to make a one year commitment to serving the ministry of The Tide by acting as an Ambassador to their congregation and the local community on behalf of the work of the international radio ministry.

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