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Lives Changed through the Oriya Broadcast in India

The Tide is involved extensively in media related ministry throughout India. Currently, The Tide airs 8 different radio programs in 7 heart languages of India. Having that number of programs in India allows The Tide to share the gospel with millions of people in a predominately Hindu nation. The Tide studio is located in Cuttack, Orissa and the main language spoken in Orissa is Oriya. In this region, many people are strong Hindus and hate Christians. As a result of this hatred, many violent attacks and persecution against believers goes on in this area. Despite the violence and persecution, people’s lives are still being touched and transformed through The Tide heart language radio programs as evidence through these testimonies from listeners of The Tide Oriya language program Shanti Data; As I listen to the ‘Shanti Data’ radio program, I am blessed by the Lord. One day you had shared about the forgiveness of God which touched my heart. It is true that no one can give…

The Tide Restores a Marriage

The Tide has been broadcasting heart language radio programs in regions of Africa since 1983. One of the newer additions to The Tide heart language broadcasts is in the Ijaw language which is the mother tongue of approximately 7 million people who live in the Niger delta region of Nigeria.God is using this new heart language radio broadcast to touch the lives of many Ijaw people and to give them hope in the midst of turmoil and hardships. Through these radio programs people who are struggling to find meaning in their lives can now find wholeness in Christ Jesus. Here is the story of how one listener’s life was changed forever through Ta Mu Nu, which is the name of The Tide Ijaw broadcast in Nigeria;
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Radios for Nigeria Changes Lives

As part of The Tide’s vision to reach people with the hope and saving grace of Jesus Christ, The Tide distributes radios in communities throughout India and Nigeria. This year, in Nigeria alone, The Tide ministry partners have provided 64 radios to different people in village communities. Those who receive the radios live in very highly populated areas where Christianity is not the most prominent religion. Those with the radios share with others in their village and form community listening groups. Through The Tide’s heart language radio broadcasts, these people in very rural communities can now hear the gospel of Jesus in their own language. Read the full article at

The Tide Hamloaf and Pork Barbeque Sale

Winter will soon be over and as spring approaches so does the Easter celebration. At this time every year The Tide Auxiliary gears up for their annual Easter Ham Loaf and Pork Barbeque sale.The Easter ham loaf and pork barbeque sale is a major fundraiser for The Tide Auxiliary and is one of the ways auxiliary members help raise financial support for the different aspects of The Tide international radio ministry.

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