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The picture at the top is the Bishop of the Mozambique BIC church and the picture on the bottom is all the pastors who where at the Mozambique seminar.

We praise God for a safe trip back to the US. We had an absolutely wonderful trip and a great time with our brothers and sisters in Malawi and Mozambique. We had around 47 pastors at the seminar in Milange, Mozambique and all of them really seemed to enjoy their time. The seminar in Mozambique was a little different from the one in Malawi. We had to go through two interpreters, Portuguese and Chichewa. This made it a little interesting for the speakers. It really worked out fine and the speakers got used to waiting till both interpreters were finished.

We stayed at a place called Biyostel Lodge. The man who owned the lodge was very kind to us and treated us so well. On the last day we were there he had his family come to the lodge so that we could meed them. I know if we ever go back to Milange, Mozambique we have a place to s…