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New Tharu Language Broadcast

In 2004 The Tide© expanded its boundaries into Nepal with the start of the “Prasasta Jiwan,” The Tide’s Nepali language broadcast.In response to the success of the Nepali broadcast and the great need among the people in Nepal, The Tide has decided to launch a new language broadcast in Nepal! Beginning in June 2013, a Tharu language broadcast will begin airing for 15 minutes once a week. Currently there are no other major Christian broadcasting ministries producing a program to target the Tharu people, so this is a much-needed addition.
The Tharu are a gentle and quiet people who have traditionally lived as forest dwellers in the Tarai, a narrow strip of land extending the southern boarder of Nepal and South-East India. They make almost everything they use themselves with a touch of art in it all. Even the walls of their houses are decorated with a relief plaster created from mud and cow dung.
Traditionally of an animist religious belief, they have been heavily influenced by Hinduism.…