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The Tide 34th Annual Golf Benefit

For 34 years, The Tide has been hosting annual Golf Benefits to help raise money for our ministry. During these benefits golfers of all ages come together to enjoy a day of golf, refreshments, lunch, and prizes. Although this day seems to focus on the golfing experience, the primary focus should remain on the lives that are being touched with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through participating in the 34th Annual Golf Benefit, you are helping to touch lives around the world! Lives are being changed because people can now hear the gospel in their own language through heart language radio programs and through our radio distribution project. Through supporting The Tide’s ministry, you make it possible for people to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ! Here are some testimonies from people whose lives have been touched by Jesus. “My wife’s sister-in-law shared with us how she came to the faith in Christ through Etimbuk good news radio messages.  She narrated how she start…

The Tide's 'Radios for India' Project Changes Lives

Two key strategies that The Tide ministry employs in following the call of the ‘Great Commission’ in Matthew 28:19 are; preaching the gospel through heart language radio broadcasts and distributing radios so that people can listen to the message of hope and love The Tide programs are proclaiming.   The combination of these two has proven effective in leading people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  With poverty being so prevalent throughout India, The Tide ‘Radios for India’ project makes it possible for even the poorest to have their lives changed forever through the gospel message!
Those who receive the radios are asked to submit periodic reports.  The follows accounts give a glimpse into the effectiveness these radios have in bringing people to experience Christ at work in their lives.
Reverand Arun Samal reports thatin the Ersama area, a total of 40 people gather to listen with him to The Tide Oriya language program, ‘Shanti Data’. Rev. Samal reports that these l…

Friends of The Tide in Canada Give Generously to The Tide Vision 2015

Every year in the spring The Tide hosts a couple of promotional dinners in Canada.The primary goal of these annual dinner events is to personally connect with and express appreciation to friends of The Tide who support our radio ministry.Without these generous brothers and sisters to join hands with The Tide through their financial support there would be millions of people who may never hear the Gospel message in their own language. The dinner programs also provide the opportunity to introduce new friends to The Tide ministry and hopefully inspire them to join hands with us in creatively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide through media and partnerships.
This year the Canadian dinners were held on the evenings of May 10 and 11 at Port Colborne and Oak Ridges respectively.Those who attended enjoyed a meal together followed by a presentation by Don Shenk, Director of The Tide, who gave an overview of the full scope of The Tide Vision 2015 and an update on progress that has …

Korean Vision Trip 2012

From April 24 to May 3 the Director of The Tide joined a team of North American pastors on a vision trip to South Korea.  The trip was organized and sponsored by Global Education Mission (GEM) to enable ministry leaders from the USA to observe mission outreach opportunities in South Korea, and to dialogue with South Korean pastors. The team spent three days in Seoul and five days at the Global Vision Christian School (GVCS) in Mungyeong.  The itinerary included meetings with Korean pastors and also visits to significant cultural, political, and historical locations.  The team was given a well rounded exposure to the political and cultural history of Korea and the current state of the Church in South Korea.

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