We were up early Tuesday morning and left at 4:00 AM. On our way to the airport we had a blowout on a back tire of the van. Fortunately Matt Heck was able to get us back on the road and to the airport in time to check in and make our flight. We praise God for watching over us! The time at JFK went fairly quickly and even though our flight took off later than scheduled the flight across to Jo-burg, South Africa went very quickly. South African airlines gave us a meal and hotel vouchers for our overnight stay. It is now 3:20AM. Why am I blogging at this hour of the morning you ask? We were rudely awakened with these words blaring through the intercom repeatedly, “this is not a drill, please evacuate the building immediately.” After 20 minutes in the hotel lobby with a host of other bleary eyed guests they told us it was a false alarm. Again we praise God it was a false alarm and not a real fire.


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