The Tide Begins a New Year With a New Language

Excitement builds as The Tide radio ministry is gearing up for the start of a new radio program in Nigeria. The new radio program in Ekpri Nsukara, Nigeria will be broadcasted in a new language, entitled Annang. Annang will be an addition to the current fourteen languages that The Tide already uses to reach people in other countries with the gospel.

In Ekpri Nsukara, Udo Imo is preparing to begin his task of presenting the new radio broadcast. He has been an avid listener of the Gospel Tide’s English radio broadcast in Nigeria. Listening for all that time infused Udo with a passion to help contribute to the Tide’s mission in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with a world in need. Using his skills and talents in communication arts, Udo now is going to be the presenter of The Tide new radio program in Ekpri Nsukara.

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