The Tide Touches Hearts in Orissa

The Tide has been conducting Seekers Conferences all over India to share the hope and joy of Jesus Christ with radio listeners who seek to grow deeper in their faith. Some of the places where there is a need to conduct Seekers Conferences are very dangerous due to intense anti-Christian sentiment among some of the people; Orissa is no exception.  In recent years there has been a very high level of persecution against Christians in Orissa, making it very difficult for The Tide to safely conduct any type of discipleship activities among curious listeners in this predominantly Hindu state of India.

For the last two years The Tide has been praying for the doors to open to conduct a Seekers Conference in a particularly difficult area of Orissa, despite severe opposition from anti-Christian people.  The Lord is the mighty one who controls everything, and after what seemed like a long wait the Lord in his perfect timing answered these prayers and The Tide was finally able to hold a Seekers Conference at Paida village in Orissa. Approximately 30-35 people traveled from nearby villages to come and hear more about God’s from a small team of five ministers.

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