Merry Christmas!

"Today in the town of David

a Savior has been born to you;

he is Christ the Lord."(NIV)

We wish you a joyful Christmas and a meaningful celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus our savior.  As we enter into this season of celebrating God’s gift of life through His Son, we also rejoice in the progress The Tide is making towards reaching even more people for Christ.  Through The Tide Vision 2015 initiative we were able to begin producing and airing Christian radio programs in three new heart languages during 2012; Anaang and Ibibio in Nigeria, and Dzongkha in Bhutan.  These three languages have the potential to add eight million listeners to The Tide global audience.  That means there are now even more people who can hear about Jesus through radio broadcasts in their own language!

To keep the momentum going, arrangements are currently being made to begin airing a Tiv language program in April, 2013.  The Tiv are the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria and the Tiv language is spoken by approximately 7 million people.  A proposal is also being considered to initiate a Tharu language radio program in Nepal during the coming year.  There are almost 2 million Tharu speaking people in Nepal, and less than 1% of them are Christian.  It is exciting to be making this progress knowing that each new radio program means more people will be introduced to Jesus!

Moving forward with Vision 2015 (adding radio programs in 15 new languages by 2015) is a journey of faith.  Here at The Tide we believe God has given us the mandate and vision to share His Word across a wider audience, and in faith we are asking you to join hands with us by giving an additional financial gift to The Tide this Christmas.  Your gift will help support dedicated Christian radio workers in Africa and Asia and will make it possible for an increased number of people to hear in their own language how your Savior and my Savior can also be their Savior!  Thank you for partnering with The Tide in ministry in the past.  We hope and pray you will continue to walk beside us in ministry in the coming year, and may God bless you with a special peace and joy during this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!
Don and Becky Shenk
For The Tide

P.S.  Please give a special Christmas contribution to help spread the Good News about Jesus!


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