The Tide® Ministry Says Terrorists Cannot Destroy Christ by Taking the Lives of His Followers

“It is difficult to comprehend the behavior of these radicals, and quite honestly it leaves me at a loss for words. This heartless, calloused and brutal murder of these innocent men is on the opposite end of the spectrum from what Christ teaches, and is even outside the bounds of what is taught in the Koran. 
“My initial response on hearing the news of 21 men being beheaded was grief and compassion for the surviving family.  My heart goes out to the children who are now fatherless, and the widows, parents, extended family and friends. So many lives have been disrupted, and I pray that their faith in God remains strong, as He is the only one who can give them the strength to cope with this loss in their lives. I pray also that they find comfort in the assurance that because of Jesus, the martyred men live on in the presence of God who has preserved their spirits for eternity. It is frightening to witness the depravity of radicals who demonstrate how atrocious men can be when they have totally distanced themselves from God, but we do not lose hope, as we have confidence in our Lord and Savior and his redemptive power to restore even the most vile and despicable characters. 
“As hard as it is for my carnal mind to accept, I must concede to the mind of Christ and rather than seek vengeance, I must pray that the members of ISIS who have committed these murders will have their minds opened and will come to the realization that they cannot destroy God by taking the lives of his followers.” Don Shenk, Director of  The Tide®


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