Through ‘Have You Heard’ and ‘Stand Strong,’ The Tide® Radio Ministry Reaching New Body of Believer

How many people do each of us walk by every day who do not know Jesus? The Tide® global radio ministry is encouraging Christians to share their faith with just 10 people over the next year.

“Jesus expects all of His disciples to tell others about Him and His love for them, but too often we don’t make intentional efforts to do this,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Through a presence at the ‘Stand Strong’ Tour and other Christian events, The Tide ministry is reminding people to speak up about Jesus, by urging them to accept our “Have You Heard?” challenge. Already, hundreds have signed up, promising to ask just 10 people over the next 12 months, ‘Do you know what Jesus has done for you?’ This simple question can open up a great conversation about Jesus and his free gift of salvation – a gift worth sharing this Christmas.”

The Tide radio ministry is also working to bolster the Christian faith in young people by sponsoring the nationwide “Stand Strong” Tour with author and religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland and national speaker and apologist Jason Jimenez. The tour will seek to strengthen young people’s biblical worldview and understanding of apologetics. Read more...


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