Spring Concerts Benefit The Tide Ministry

Music features prominently in scripture, and in the Old Testament we often see musicians at the forefront in a variety of situations. King Jehoshaphat had a choir leading his army into battle, and in literary fashion this spring The Tide ministry has had musicians leading the charge as we continue in the spiritual battle to win souls for Christ and build the Kingdom of God in the hearts of people around the globe. During the month of April the Cumberland Valley Christian Choir presented a cantata entitled “Blessed Hope” in four different venues. Audiences across central Pennsylvania were treated to a spiritually uplifting time of inspiration and worship, and were challenged to grow in their own faith, and to give generously so that others may come to know Christ. The choir takes nothing from the offerings collected at the concerts for their own use, but instead each year designates the entire offering to a ministry organization, We are extremely grateful that his year the Cumberland Valley Christian Choir chose to support The Tide international radio ministry through their concerts. The total amount we received in response to the choir concerts was $34,403.87! Please join us in saying “Thank You!” to the choir and to all who gave through the offerings.  In early May we also benefited from two concerts in Canada, this time performed by the Kubassek Trio. Audiences at both venues were edified through powerful messages in song, and the meaningful testimonies shared by members of the trio honoring God for the way He has worked in their lives.  Once again, the musicians served without compensation, preferring that all funds go directly to The Tide ministry.  The offerings in Canada totaled approximately $20,000.00 Canadian dollars, which is almost US$15,000.00!  God truly is mighty and powerful, and is the only one who offers blessed hope. This is not just something to sing about, but is a message that we proclaim around the globe through radio programs in a multitude of languages. Praise God for using music to strengthen and support The Tide ministry. 


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