Hoss's Fundraising Night

Every year The Tide has numerous fundraisers to raise money for heart language radio broadcasts, radio placements, and general operational costs.  Some of these fundraisers include the hamloaf sale, the nut sale, and the golf benefit.

This year, The Tide has decided to try a new way to raise funds by partnering with Hoss’s Steakhouse. Hoss’s will be providing The Tide with tickets to distribute to people and they will then bring the ticket to the restaurant any time during the prescheduled day. The cashiers will collect the tickets with the guest check and total all of the checks collected and then Hoss’s will send The Tide a check for 25% if sales were $1,200 or more and 20% if it is less than $1,200. 

Read the full article at http://thetide.org/updates/hosss-fundraising-night


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