The Tide Radio Ministry Leads to Baptism in India

As part of The Tide’s ministry in leading people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and equipping them to share their faith with others, The Tide conducts Seekers Conferences in various places throughout the world. Listeners who have been introduced to Jesus through The Tide heart language radio programs are invited to gather together to hear the Word of God explained more fully by The Tide ministry leaders and local pastors. These events not only provide in depth teaching on foundational tenets of the Christian faith, but also give curious listeners the opportunity to have their questions answered and to openly discuss a variety of issues including such things as sin, salvation, and God and His love.

During February 2012 The Tide ministry partners in India conducted a series of Seekers Conferences among relatively unreached tribal people. The majority of people ministered to through these Seekers Conferences were Uraon people who speak a language called Kurukh. This series consisted of a total of four Seekers Conferences conducted specifically for people who listen to The Tide Kurukh radio program in India. Through these meetings a total of 96 people accepted Jesus as their Savior and 42 people were baptized!!

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