Persevering Under Persecution

We are moving into a time of year when most Christians in North America participate unhindered in the festive commemoration of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Although society has done much to secularize these celebrations they undeniably have Christian roots and carry a significant meaning for followers of Christ.  The push to publicly eradicate even symbolic ties between these holidays and Christianity is an assault on our faith that pales in comparison to what many believers around the globe experience. 

Persecution is something Jesus experienced firsthand when he walked on earth as a man, and he warned his disciples that they too would be mistreated (John 15: 19&20a).  These prophetic words soon proved true; the apostles were jailed and flogged, Stephen was stoned to death, followers of Christ were hunted down and put on trial, and yet the Church continued to grow.  Today, persecution of Christians exists to some degree in almost every part of the world, and is especially prevalent in many regions where The Tide radio programs are declaring the Gospel in the heart languages of the local population. 

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