Report on The Tide USA Promotional Banquets

Something that The Tide international radio ministry always looks forward to is the series of Partner Appreciation Banquets that we host every year.  These events are held in the spring in Canada and in the fall in the USA.  Each of these gatherings are very special and precious times that present the opportunity to reconnect face to face with friends of The Tide and to tangibly express appreciation for the support they have given throughout the year.  It is also a time to encourage and invite our friends to continue walking beside The Tide ministry.

Over the past two weeks The Tide hosted four dinners in Pennsylvania and we praise God that they proved to be a huge success!  Leslie McKee treated The Tide guests to an inspirational musical presentation.  The lyrics of the songs she sang mirrored the message that The Tide heart language radio programs are proclaiming in 17 languages in Africa and Asia.  As a special token of appreciation for their support The Tide dinner guests were given complimentary copies of Leslie’s CD release “True to You.”  (If you were unable to attend any of The Tide banquets this year you can still get a copy of this CD for yourself by making an online dinner contribution before the end of October 2012.) 


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