Engaging Younger Generations

For any ministry to continue on successfully there needs to be a constant stream of supporters in all existing generations. In the past few years, The Tide© has begun to intentionally reach out to the younger generation with avenues for them to get involved so that our long history of relevant ministry will continue on. As a way to encourage the younger generation’s participation, The Tide will be sponsoring a contest to distribute THREE full-event passes to Creation Festival at Agape Farm in Shirleysburg, PA June 26-29, 2013.

We will be hosting three competitions, with one winner selected from each category. Each winner will receive one full-event pass to Creation (pass includes entrance ticket only, transportation, food, and lodging are the responsibility of the participant), a free t-shirt, and the guarantee that the winning materials will be used for promotional purposes of The Tide.

For this competition to be a success, we need the help of ALL generations of supporters of The Tide. If you know of a young person who would love to spend four days this summer at the largest Christian music festival on the east coast, who has a big heart for the work of missions outreach, and a passion to see their own generation step into ministry, please pass this information on to them! We all must work together to continue the ministry of The Tide for years to come.

Option 1) Write a 5-10 page essay answering these questions: “Is the ministry of the Tide something I am excited about? Why? If I were to make the ministry of the Tide relevant to my generation (teens & 20s), what would I do? Why should my friends be involved in supporting this ministry?” Submissions must be double spaced using Ariel 12pt font in the form of a PDF or Word file.

Option 2) Create a tshirt design relevant to the ministry of The Tide using a design that targets your generation (teens & 20s) complete with front & back view and color selections. The winning tshirt design should appeal to young people and be relevant to the message of the ministry. Submissions must be in the form of a high-resolution PDF file.

Option 3) Create a brochure for the Radios to Nigeria/Radios to India project targeting churches and youth groups. The brochure should describe purpose of the ministry and how groups can get involved by hosting fundraisers to sponsor radio distribution. Submissions must be in the form of a high-resolution PDF file.

Rules & Instructions:
Age limit for the contest: 14-24
All submissions should be sent via email to media@thetide.org by April 15, 2013 at 5:00pm.
One submission per person
Include the following information in the email content of your submission:
Name, Birth Date, Address, Email, Phone, Church Attending, Parents’ name & contact information (for minors*)
*parental permission must be granted for any participating minors
Each winner chosen will be required to be present at The Tide’s booth at Creation 2 hours each day of the Festival
**Any materials submitted become the legal property of The Tide© and may be used at their discretion**

Suggested Resources:
The Tide website (www.thetide.org)
The Tide Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pages/the-tide)
Twitter (TheTide_tweet)
existing publications


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