Offering Hope for Nigeria

Nigeria is known as Africa’s most populous country, with close to 170 million people and 350 different ethnic groups. For decades, there has been serious violence and conflict between people groups and religions in Nigeria. Religion is one of many factors fueling strife in this nation. Conflict is known to erupt when ethnic, religious, and economic boundaries overlap. There are widespread ethnic and economic differences leading to much conflict, especially between Christians and Muslims. The country is split evenly between those two main religions with 49% claiming to be Christians and 48% claiming to be Muslims.

Inter-ethnic conflict in Nigeria has traditionally had a religious element. Riots against Igbo in the 1950s and were said to be fueled by religious conflict. In the 1980s, serious outbreaks between Christians and Muslims occurred in the south in a border area shared between the two religions. Recently, there has been an increase in attacks targeting Christians in northern Nigeria, specifically the massacre and bombings of five Christian churches in five different cities Christmas weekend of 2011.

As you can imagine, this ongoing conflict has a huge effect on the lifestyles of all people groups living in Nigeria. Many live in fear or attempt to cope through the use of vises as a means of escape from the horrifying reality they face daily.

Among this horror, The Tide© has been given the opportunity to speak Hope to the lives of many people through our radio broadcasts. We currently air the Gospel in seven different languages: Annang, Efik, Ibibio, Igbo, Ijaw, Hausa, and Yoruba. In response to the extreme need for additional ministry outreach, Christ Truth Ministries, The Tide’s partner organization in Nigeria, is hosting language-specific evangelistic campaigns every month this year. Starting in December, they have already led campaigns to reach speakers of Etimbuk, Tamunu, and Annang and plan to have an outreach to the Ibibio-speaking people, this week, March 29-31st! Please join with us in praying for the success of these campaigns, the ongoing radio ministry, and for Peace to come to the Nigerian nation.

We are so thankful for the lives that are constantly being touched through our various radio programs. Here are a few personal testimonies straight from Nigeria:

“I was out of control, abusing drugs and pregnant by age 16. My testimony tells the story of a young girl whose drinking, drug habits and sexual promiscuity led to an early unwanted pregnancy. When I miscarried, no one knew except my boyfriend who reacted in a violent rage. At my lowest I began to search for reasons for my existence. While listening to Ta Mu Nu, my desires started to change and suddenly through your radio ministry I discovered something much bigger than the world.” – Ebili

“As a teenager I started smoking Marijuana and drinking. This eventually led to a cocaine addiction. As time went by I lost everything I cherished. When I could run no longer I heard this Ta Mu Nu radio program and I found myself running to the arms of God like a breath of fresh air. God entered my mess of a life and began to put the pieces back together.” - Okpoma


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